Top 10 favourite WoodUbend projects

How to Upcycle Your DIY Projects with WoodUbend Mouldings

Check out our Top 10 favourite WoodUbend projects. If you have ugly, outdated cabinets? unfinished furniture? DIY projects that lack glamour? If you are ready to breathe some life into your next project then we can help. Our designers have created a stunning line of mouldings to take any project from blah to bam! From kitchen cabinets to bathroom vanities and even windows and walls. WoodUbend Mouldings can conceal imperfections like broken trim, bring a little elegance with some echelons, or add charm with a pair of French style scrolls. The designs we have are vast and so are the possibilities to make something truly unique to you. So let’s get started and inspired you to make the best DIY project you’ve ever taken on.

Regal cupboard with shades of blue, silver and grey.


Upcycling furniture 

We use an array of different styles of furniture from large wardrobes, armoires, Chest of drawers, sideboards and even crafts-sized pieces. As well as furniture we update other household items so you get to see how you could upcycle some of those outdated pieces you may have in your home. ( We all have one or two ) Most of the outdated pieces we use are constructed well but are just dated and a little old fashioned. A good paint job, plus some of our beautiful WoodUbend mouldings will bring them back into the 21st century and give that tired old piece a new lease on life and hopefully many more years being loved. We like to say we are saving the planet one piece of upcycled furniture at a time. It is great to be able to save that brown furniture from landfills, and we are just happy we are doing our part.

 Fun Fact: Did you know that the furniture upcycling industry saves hundreds of thousands of tonnes of old brown furniture from ending up in landfills up and down the UK. Multiply this by everywhere in the world that is upcycling furniture and you can see how fast we are making a difference. Pretty amazing when you think about it. 

Crafting with WoodUbend 

If you love to craft, then you are going to love WoodUbend, we promise! WoodUbend moulding is flexible when heated and can be used to add depth and dimension to almost any surface. You can create stunning home decor projects, dress up existing pieces of art, or even create something completely new from scratch, like an inexpensive canvas. You can use Woodubend on its own, or combine it with other products like paints and patinas, pigments and more. We love adding our deluxe decoupage paper range for even more interest and versatility. See this kitchen stool project we did in the workshop just this week.

posh chalk patina is used to create shadows and dimension

Keep reading to see our Top 10 WoodUbend projects.

Top 10 favourite WoodUbend projects

Choosing our top 10 was hard to do! We have created so many over the years. We have chosen the ones we enjoyed working on the most and the ones that had the biggest wow factor. Let’s check out our top 10 favourite WoodUbend projects


10. Coming in at number 10 is this beauty! An old display cabinet that we upcycled into a Gin bar. It doesn’t take up much room and is big enough for some fancy glasses and the gin of course!

 Top 10 favourite WoodUbend Projects / A furniture flip gin cabinet staged with rungs and plants. It's dark with splashes of subtle but bright colours.

9. Steampunk Mirror comes in at number 9. If you have been around for a little while you know SollyJo just loves a little bit of steampunk! In our WoodUbend collection, ​​we have a great selection of Steampunk related appliques for your upcycling adventures. We used a variety of Dixie Belle Paints for this project all of which are listed along with the exact Woodubend Mouldings we applied. See this post for all the details

top 10 favourite woodubend projects

8. A stunning demilune console is in position 8 and is a real upcycled furniture Cinderella story. Completely dressed in a vast collection of our mouldings. A large amount of those is broken pieces we keep in a basket in the workshop. You never know when you will need them! We were so pleased with how this one turned out. From dull, plain, and boring, to the belle of the ball. This piece is sure to make a statement in any room. You can see exactly how this was done on our YouTube video here. Or check out the full post with before, during and after shots of the whole process.

top 10 favourite woodubend projects

7. The Golden desk comes in at Number 7. This french inspired beauty has some of our most popular mouldings applied to it. Every inch of this pretty desk shines! We used a combination of Posh Chalks Precious range and La magics paint and liquid wax to create this golden faux gilded look. Sometimes more is more! We have a video and a detailed post to show you how this was achieved. Anyone can get this look click here to find out how.

top 10 favourite woodubend projects

6. Number 6 is a beautiful example of how you can upcycle furniture with WoodUbend moulding to make a real statement in your home. In thrift stores and second-hand shops, desks of all shapes and styles are easy to come by. Grab an inexpensive desk and get creating using our mouldings and your favourite paint colours. This partner desk is now a beautiful, bold, attention grabber.

5. Number 5. This one is easy to choose from! We adore this sweet cabinet. There is texture, gold metallics, and WoodUbend mouldings, all coming together to compliment the decoupage paper Posh mermaid and we are loving it. Those pretty Sea like colours all from our Posh Chalk range enhances the look perfectly.

 4. Black and copper! A beautiful and classic colour combination for this chest. It started life out plain and quite honestly dull. We jazzed it up with some of our lovely mouldings to bring interest and character to what otherwise would be a boring piece of furniture. It can now take centre stage at the foot of a bed or a hallway. A great storage solution and it now looks like a million dollars!

  Top 10 favourite WoodUbend Projects / a shot of the blanket box furniture restoration project. There are copper coloured WoodUbend mouldings over a black surface.

3. This is one of SollyJo’s favourite pieces. It has everything! A beautiful decoupage paper, Vivid Scenery from our Posh Chalk Deluxe Decoupage. An array of WoodUbend mouldings and some glitz and glam with our Metallic range. It turned out wonderful… another piece saved from landfill.

 Top 10 favourite WoodUbend Projects

2. This stunning bureau almost made it to the top spot. Such bright and vivid colours over this classical styled decoupage paper shouldn’t work, it is such a juxtaposition. The two styles blend seamlessly bringing the classic image right into the 21st century. Of course the WoodUbend moulding framing this blended ombre beauty just ties the whole look together

.  Top 10 favourite WoodUbend Projects / Daphe staged photo, the the decoupage has shadows running across the front

1. Coming in at the top spot is this beauty! Mannequin art is one of SollyJo’s favourite things to upcycle. The reason for this is .. quote ‘ it’s the curves baby’. Being able to showcase how well the WoodUbends… Well,  bend is on these pretty curves. Mannequins are a great upcycled project to take on as so many of them are discarded each year. They make a great decorative element to a bedroom and SollyJo hangs her jewellery on hers. These mannequins would also be great in a large bathroom and even a craft room. Leave us a comment below and let us know where you would put one in your home. You can see more examples of mannequin art using WoodUbend Mouldings  here in this blog post


 Top 10 favourite WoodUbend Projects  Top 10 favourite WoodUbend Projects  Top 10 favourite WoodUbend Projects


We want to know what was your favourite? and has it inspired you to try WoodUbend mouldings on your next project. Drop us a comment and let us know or find us on social @Woodubend.

If you’d like to spruce up your projects with anything you’ve seen today, find your nearest by clicking here, add your town or city to find the nearest retailer of Woodubend and Posh Chalk Products. Happy WoodUbending and be sure to tag us on social @Woodubend, we just love seeing what you all create.

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