The Top 5 WoodUbend Crafts this Christmas

Deck the Halls with WoodUbend & Posh Chalk!

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and to help spread the Christmas cheer why not create some WoodUbend crafts with us? Take a look at our Christmas crafts to get you into the holiday spirit!

WoodUbend Trim with 3rd generation packaging

Recycled Packaging for WoodUbend Crafts

Recycling is great for the environment and when you love to upcycle it’s easier than ever. Our new 3rd generation packaging has proved itself very useful for our WoodUbend crafts over the festive period – and we are here to tell you why! Included in the 3rd generation packaging is an MDF board which we have used for Christmas tree ornaments and many other designs.

WoodUbend Crafts - Candy Cane

Candy Cane Crafts

For our first WoodUbend craft, we used the WoodUbend trim TR117 to imitate the twists of your favourite Christmas treat. We applied the bendable wood trim to the MDF board so that it would be sturdier and longer-lasting. Once the WoodUbend Trim was firmly on the surface it was time to crack open the Posh Chalk Pastes, specifically the ‘White Gold’ and ‘Red Medium Cadmium’ Posh Chalk Metallic Paste. The Pastes come in many colours for all your festive projects! Why not take a browse at the new Posh Chalk Precious Pastes Collection?

Upcycled box using Decoupage and Posh Chalk Pastes

Pop more than champagne this Christmas!

Repurposing ideas for our WoodUbend crafts is a favourite activity of ours. We thought the bottom of our tree was looking a bit bare this December, so we thought… maybe Santa can come early to our upcycling workshop this year!

We refurbished an old box with an array of WoodUbend and Posh Chalk products, starting with the Posh Chalk ‘Victorian Pattern’ Deluxe Decoupage. The decoupage itself is rather bright and eye-catching so we hopped on board the maximalist train and went full speed ahead! The Posh Chalk Precious Paste ’24K Gold’ had to make an appearance here, the creamy paste was smothered over our ‘Raining in Paris’ stencil to create two contrasting patterns.

If you haven’t heard already, the Posh Chalk Metallic Pastes can POP when exposed to heat. Make sure to keep a fair distance with your heat gun and paste as you don’t want to risk it burning – just popping! Once the paste pops it will form an egg shell-like dome.  You can either press down the popped paste to create added texture or leave it as it is.

WoodUbend crafts on a tree

Christmas Ornaments

Nothing quite says Christmas like hanging a decoupaged cherub decoration from your tree. The Christmas ornaments we have created over the last couple of weeks have been super easy to create! Like many of our upcycled projects, we started with the 3rd generation packaging. Our beautiful Posh Chalk Decoupage paper ‘The Red Cloak’ transformed this piece of wood from trash to treasure!

The next step was to add one of our decorative mouldings. We chose to apply the WoodUbend applique 2171, after cutting the wooden design to create our own decorative moulding.

The Christmas ornaments are great craft ideas for kids and adults over the festive holidays!

Christmas tree created with WoodUbend Trim

Christmas Tree Décor

By this point in our blog post, we hope you are feeling as festive as we are.

We have used quite the variety of WoodUbend trims to create this shabby chic tree. The Posh Chalk Metallic Paste ‘Brown Van Dyke’ and ‘White Titanium’ is applied to the flexible trims to achieve the desired effect.  
This project is super easy to create at home as you can use any WoodUbend trims for this project – they all have the same properties as wood! For this particular project, we used TR50a, TR702, TR716, TR700 and TR009. Take a look at our full collection of WoodUbend Trims here.  
Of course, a star needed to be featured at the top.
Enters WoodUbend Moulding 1323 (covered in Posh Chalk ‘Lemon Gold’ Pigments)
“Wow, this tree looks great! I think I will relocate here!”
End of scene.
Psssst Stockists…this is also a fabulous way to display your WoodUbend trims in your shops/stores! 
WoodUbend crafts - Mary and Jesus

The Heart of Christmas

With all the Christmas trees and snowmen, the mince pies and the mulled wine, it’s important to take a step back and remember the true meaning of Christmas. To enjoy the time spent with our family and friends whilst creating happy memories.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Mary and baby Jesus, so for our last WoodUbend craft, we have an upcycled plaque! The fabulous ‘Sue Chic’ created this gorgeous decoration on our WoodUbend Facebook Live. The Posh Chalk ‘Aqua Madonna’ Decoupage is surrounded by decorative wooden mouldings. Completed with Posh Chalk ‘Black’ Patina and Posh Chalk pigments.


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