Posh Chalk Stencil Stained Glass Small 19.5x30cm (PCS064)

Posh Chalk Stencil Stained Glass Small 19.5x30cm (PCS064)

Transform ordinary surfaces into masterpieces with the Posh Chalk Stencil Stained Glass Small. Inspired by the timeless beauty of stained glass seen in historical landmarks, this stencil enables you to replicate the look of colored glass pieces with precision and ease. Crafted from durable industrial-grade Mylar, it’s designed to withstand multiple uses, allowing you to bring intricate patterns and vibrant designs to life on any surface.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Preparation: Start with a clean surface for optimal results.
  2. Positioning: Secure the stencil in place using low tack tape or a stencil adhesive.
  3. Paint Application: Utilize a high-quality stencil brush. Off-load any excess paint or Posh Chalk pigments mix to avoid bleed.
  4. Technique: Gently pounce or swirl the brush over the stencil to fill in the design. Experiment with multiple colors for a dynamic effect.
  5. Completion: Carefully remove the stencil to reveal your creation. Marvel at the intricate designs you’ve achieved.


Beyond traditional painting, the stencil is perfect for creating 3D effects and textures using the Posh Chalk Textures range. Apply with a trowel or spatula for raised patterns that add dimension to your projects. For a metallic finish, use with Posh Chalk Metallic pastes and a heat gun to instantly create eye-catching raised effects.

Care and Maintenance:

Extend the life of your stencil with simple care. Wash with warm, soapy water after use and hang to dry. Proper maintenance ensures your stencil remains in top condition for future projects.

Storage Tip:

Avoid bending by hanging the stencil for storage. This method keeps it flat and ready for your next creative endeavor.

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