Pack of Two Trims TR802 215x1cm Curated by Jonathon Marc Mendes

Discover the “Pack of Two Trims TR802 215x1cm,” carefully selected by Jonathon Marc Mendes. This exclusive set is crafted for artisans and decorators who demand distinction and style in their projects. Each trim, stretching 215x1cm, is a testament to sophistication, ready to enhance furniture, clothing, or art with its unique charm. Created from superior materials, these trims are adorned with designs that showcase the signature elegance of Jonathon Marc Mendes, making them a prime choice for those looking to infuse their work with unmatched beauty.

How to Use:

  • Customize and fit as needed for your specific project.
  • Apply using your chosen technique to ensure a sleek and secure placement.
  • Utilize both trims to add depth and allure to your designs.

Care Instructions, Pack of Two Trims TR802:

  • Handle with delicacy to maintain the quality of the design.
  • If necessary, lightly cleanse to keep the trims pristine.

Elevate your projects with this specially selected set by Jonathon Marc Mendes, transforming everyday items into pieces of extraordinary allure.

Additional information

Weight183 g
Dimensions215 × 1 cm


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