Pack of Two Trims TR801.1 100×0.5cm Curated by Jonathon Marc Mendes

Introducing the “Pack of Two Trims TR801.1 100×0.5cm,” curated with care by Jonathon Marc Mendes. This selection is ideal for crafters and designers seeking to inject a dose of finesse into their creations. Each trim, measuring 100×0.5cm, stands as a slender testament to elegance, ready to adorn a variety of projects from home décor to wearable art. Fabricated from high-grade materials, these trims bear unique patterns that echo Jonathon Marc Mendes’ flair for sophisticated design, perfect for those aiming to bring a layer of refined beauty to their work.

How to Use:

  • Tailor to match the specifications of your project.
  • Choose your preferred method to affix the trim neatly and firmly.
  • Layer both trims for a complex, textured look in your designs.

Care Instructions for Pack of Two Trims TR801.1:

  • Care for gently to preserve design integrity.
  • Clean carefully to maintain the trims’ condition.

By incorporating this exclusive duo of trims into your projects, you’re inviting an element of Jonathon Marc Mendes’ distinguished style, turning simple pieces into standout masterpieces.

Additional information

Weight51 g
Dimensions100 × 0.5 cm


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