Pack of Two Stucco Texture Trims TR746

Introducing the “Pack of Two Stucco Texture Trims TR746” – your go-to solution for incorporating the appealing roughness and intricate texture of stucco into your designs. Perfect for those who cherish the warmth and character of Mediterranean aesthetics, these trims provide an effortless way to add depth and visual interest to apparel, home decor, and craft projects. The TR746 trims skillfully bridge the gap between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, offering an innovative approach to texture and style.

  • Crafted from high-quality materials that replicate the distinct feel of stucco, ensuring both durability and a captivating tactile experience.
  • Features a unique stucco texture design, ideal for adding an element of rustic elegance to any project, from clothing and accessories to interior decorations.
  • Designed for easy application, these trims can be sewn onto fabrics or glued onto various surfaces, allowing for versatile use across a wide range of creative endeavors.
  • Instantly elevates the aesthetic of your projects, providing a sophisticated texture and depth that can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.
  • Available in a pack of two, enabling you to experiment with coordinated designs or diversify your creative projects with distinct yet harmonious textures.

Using Pack of Two Stucco Texture Trims TR746:

  1. Cut the trim to your desired length, ensuring careful handling to maintain the integrity of the stucco texture.
  2. Prepare the surface or fabric by cleaning and smoothing it out. Gather your sewing or gluing supplies based on your preferred method of application.
  3. Attach the trim to your project by sewing for a durable finish or by applying a suitable adhesive for a quick and effective attachment, aligning the trim for a consistent look.
  4. Allow any adhesive to dry thoroughly before moving or handling the project. If sewn, secure and trim any excess threads to ensure a clean, professional finish.

Additional information

Weight173 g
Dimensions215 × 6 cm


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