Pack of Two Stucco Texture Trims TR746.1

Introducing the “Pack of Two Stucco Texture Trims TR746.1” – a dynamic duo of trims that bring the rustic charm and tactile appeal of stucco textures into your creative projects. These unique trims are designed to add depth and an intriguing visual element to a wide array of applications, from fashion design and accessory embellishment to crafting and home décor. The TR746.1 trims merge the aesthetic of traditional stucco with the versatility and ease of fabric trims, offering an innovative way to enhance your designs.

  • Constructed with premium materials that capture the rough, tactile feel of stucco while ensuring durability and ease of application.
  • Features a distinctive stucco texture, adding a rustic yet refined element to any project, perfect for those looking to incorporate a touch of architectural charm.
  • Offers the convenience of easy application, as these trims can be sewn directly onto fabrics or adhered to various surfaces with suitable adhesives.
  • Provides an instant visual upgrade, injecting texture and depth into your projects for a standout finish.
  • Comes in a pack of two, allowing for creative flexibility in design applications, whether you’re coordinating pieces or seeking to add a unique accent to multiple projects.

Using Pack of Two Stucco Texture Trims TR746.1

  1. Measure the trim according to your project’s requirements and cut it to length, taking care to preserve the texture.
  2. Prepare the application area by ensuring it is clean and smooth. If sewing, ready your needle and thread or sewing machine.
  3. Secure the trim in place by sewing it onto the fabric for a permanent attachment or using a strong adhesive for non-fabric surfaces. Ensure proper alignment and even distribution of the trim for a cohesive look.
  4. If using adhesive, allow it to dry completely before handling the project. For sewn applications, secure any loose threads to ensure a neat and durable finish.

Additional information

Weight83 g
Dimensions100 × 6 cm


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