Pack of Two Ribbon & Berries Trims TR751

Elevate your crafting and design projects with the Pack of Two Ribbon & Berries Trims TR751. This delightful duo combines the sophistication of ribbons with the charming allure of berries, offering a perfect addition to a wide range of creations. Whether you’re adorning holiday decorations, customizing clothing, or adding a festive touch to home decor, these trims provide a unique blend of elegance and whimsy.

  • Customizable Length: Tailor these trims to fit any project perfectly.
  • Wide Application: Ideal for enhancing seasonal decorations, garments, or home items.
  • Simple Attachment: Attach with ease, using sewing techniques or adhesive, depending on your material.
  • Distinctive Design: The mix of ribbons and berries adds a festive yet refined look to any piece.

Using Pack of Two Ribbon & Berries Trims TR751:

  1. Cut the trims to the needed length for a precise fit.
  2. Choose the attachment method best suited for your project, ensuring a secure and polished finish.
  3. Apply to your chosen item, instantly enriching it with a decorative and joyful flair.

Creative Inspiration:

The Pack of Two Ribbon & Berries Trims TR751 not only elevates your projects but also sparks creativity. Perfect for seasonal crafts, thematic decor, or simply adding an element of joy to everyday items, these trims invite you to discover new possibilities in crafting with their festive design and playful charm.

Additional information

Weight107 g
Dimensions215 × 1 cm


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