Pack of Two Beanstalk Trims TR750

The Pack of Two Beanstalk Trims TR750 is the gardener’s choice for a structured and thriving garden. These trims are expertly designed to support the upward journey of your climbing plants, ensuring they grow strong and beautiful. Ideal for a variety of climbers, from flowering vines to vegetable plants, these trims integrate seamlessly into any garden setup.

Key Features of Pack of Two Beanstalk Trims TR750:

  • Encourages the vertical growth of climbing plants, providing a stable structure for them to thrive.
  • Features a timeless design that naturally blends with garden aesthetics, enhancing the overall look of your outdoor space.
  • Constructed with materials that withstand adverse weather conditions, guaranteeing durability throughout the seasons.
  • Comes with a straightforward setup process, making it quick and hassle-free to get your garden looking its best.
  • Perfect for gardeners at every level of experience, from those just starting out to the seasoned horticulturist.

How to Use:

  1. Pick a spot in your garden where your climbing plants can benefit most from vertical support.
  2. Place the trims into the ground, ensuring they are secure and evenly spaced according to the needs of your plants.
  3. Gently wrap the young shoots around the trims, guiding them as they grow. Adjust as necessary to encourage upward growth.
  4. Watch as your plants climb towards the sun, creating a stunning vertical display in your garden.

Transform your garden into a vertical oasis with the Pack of Two Beanstalk Trims TR750, the perfect accessory for any green-thumbed enthusiast looking to promote healthy, upward growth in their plants.

Additional information

Weight115 g
Dimensions215 × 1 cm


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