A Look at the Ultra Durable Posh Chalk Stencils

Posh Chalk Stencils are perfect for adding that final flourish to your projects, be that a big furniture flip or a small crafty endeavour. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, so there’s always something to suit your needs. Let’s take a closer look at them and find out how you can be a stencilling supremo in no time.

They’re Thick

At 250μm they are thicker than a lot of other stencils on the market. What is the benefit of that you ask? Well, for one, it makes raised stencilling a whole lot easier, we’re all on the hunt for them crisp lines when we’re raised stencilling and these thick stencils really go a long way to helping you out. With Posh Chalk Stencils, and indeed, most stencils, raised stencilling does take a little bit of practice – if you’re using Posh Chalk Pastes (the perfect accompaniment to the Posh Chalk Stencils) a general rule of thumb is that you should be able to just about see the stencil pattern underneath your paste.

Pearl white paste being spread on the centre of the mandala stencil onto a chipboard underneath.
They are a few more benefits of using a thicker stencil which we’ll delve into a little later on.

A Wide Selection

This speaks for itself doesn’t it? There are over thirty different designs available at the moment with plans to continue to release more every year. Designs range from a number of mandalas, right through to bees and even a huge wall clock. They say variety is the spice of life so there’s plenty to keep you going.

For the more creative and/or daring amongst you, there’s nothing stopping you screening off part of your stencil, or even cutting some away, before combining it with another design to create something completely new. This allows you to really find a Posh Chalk Stencil to suit your project.

There’s no excuses now!

Wash your Posh Chalk Stencils

It’s often a question that I get asked a lot – how best to wash your stencils. Whereas it does depend a little bit of what medium you have used with your stencils, there’s no real arcane knowledge to keeping your stencils clean. I find washing them straight away with hot, soapy water is often your best bet. If, for whatever reason this isn’t quite up to the task, some white spirit will go a long way to removing them pesky stains. It should be noted, though, if you’re using something like Dixie Mud you shouldn’t pour your run off down the sink, it can solidify in your pipes and cause all sorts of blockages!

As Posh Chalk Stencils are thick, this makes them durable (as the ultra durable moniker suggests), which gives you longevity! These stencils can be rewashed and reused time after time. Sometimes, I have used a stencil once, give it a thorough cleaning only to find out this it is bent, crumpled or unusable. Posh Chalk stencils are with you for the long run!

Rinse & Repeat

Quite literally! As many of the Posh Chalk Stencils are a repeating pattern, you can use them over a surface larger than the stencil itself. Simply wash your stencil, make sure it’s dry (you can even reach for a hair dryer as they are heat resistant) and go again. I say make sure the stencil is dry before you using it again, as a wet or damp stencil can often lead to bleeding, so a bit of patience is sometimes necessary – admittedly this is easier said than done when you’re in the creative mindset and you’re really in the swing of things.

It couldn’t be easier though, when your stencil is ready to go again, simply line it up with your current pattern and carry on. A bit of a tip here – if you’re using the repeating nature of the stencil, make sure that you finish each stencil off with a true colour. As you can blend in situ with the Posh Chalk Pastes, the temptation is often to carry on your blend down the piece, however, it is unlikely that you will get exactly the same colour again, leading to an obvious transition in your work. So, stick to a true colour so you can match up your patterns seamlessly!

A grey wall split by two WoodUbend trims running parallel and roughly two feet apart. In the gap there is a tropical leaves pattern in silver created using Posh Chalk Stencils

Check out how easy raised stencilling can be with Posh Chalk stencils in this video below.


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