A Fantastic Bonfire Night Furniture Flip

The title of this week’s blog, is a bit of a lie! The project in question is not so much of a furniture flip as much as it is a furniture re-flip. This project started off life as a gin cabinet in need of some TLC around this time last year. So with a little help from Dixie Belle and a lot of help from WoodUbend, the cabinet was restored to its former glory.

A then an now image of a gin cabinet furniture flip

Furniture Flip #2

So there she was, resplendent in her furniture flip journey. Her journey, however, wasn’t finished just yet…

Fast forward a year and there’s been a change of heart in the workshop, it was time for a facelift! The whole piece, including the ornate TR124 flexible wood trim and X1012 bow bendable wood moulding was coated with Grey BOSS from Dixie Bell. Once the BOSS had dried, a length of the TR46 trim was added across the bottom and adhered using a good quality wood glue.

Next up, It was painted with Black Carbon Posh Chalk Smooth Metallic Paste. As the paste is thick – making it perfect for raised stencilling – it needed thinning a little bit so it could be utilised as a paint. Luckily all the Posh Chalk Pastes are water-based, so a quick spritz of water is all that was needed to help it move across the surface. The whole project was taking on a much darker tone than its previous furniture flip iteration…almost as if it was bonfire night inspired!

A few minutes is all it took for the paste to dry; now it was time to incorporate some splashes of colour and really enhance the whole project.

A very bohemian selection of colours were chosen to represent fireworks brightening up the November night sky. The brand new Radiant Silver Posh Chalk Precious Paste was first up. The paste was stippled and not watered down; as it’s a thick modelling paste this gave the piece some subtle texture.

If you’d like to learn a little more about what other Posh Chalk Precious Products were released last week, check out our blog post where we discuss what treats are in store.

We then delved into our colourful box of Aqua Patinas and pulled out the Primary Green, Blue Fhthalo, Red Medium Cadmium. One of the great things about these gilding waxes, or gilding creams if we’re going to be picky, is that they are water-based and extremely quick drying – were talking a minute or so. Green Patina being applied onto a gin cabinet furniture flip project

As they are water-based and quick-drying, this sped up the whole furniture flip process. It meant that we weren’t waiting on excessive drying or curing times. Whatsmore, if we didn’t like what had been created – then it would have been simple to paint right over and start again. This is not a luxury which you get with oil-based gilding waxes.

Like with the pastes, the Aqua Patinas were stippled on, creating some subtle but infinitely intriguing colour schemes.

As well as stippling, these highly pigmented gilding creams were also dry brushed over the original detailings of the cabinet as well as the intricacies of the WoodUbend mouldings which had been applied.

This project was a quick and simple furniture flip. In reality is was more of a bonfire night makeover.

All that was left for this gin cabinet glow up was its shoes. Step forward the newly released Wedding Gold Precious Pigments, like all precious pigments this is pearlised and oozes class and glamour. The pigments were mixed up, if you’d like to learn how to mix up the pigments, we have plenty of instructional information in our how-to section. Once mixed they were dry brushed over the mouldings and painted on the feet.

There we have it – a furniture flip project you don’t need to light at arms length. Grab yourself some pie, peas and a gin before enjoying the fireworks.

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