Hello and welcome to the only official WoodUbend Canada website! Here you will find all of the 3rd generation WoodUbend decorative mouldings and Posh Chalk Artisan products for your upcycling and DIY needs.

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View our range of bendable and sustainable decorative mouldings. They have all the properties of wood but once heated they can be shaped to fit any surface and there are over 3000 designs to choose from!

WoodUbend is a revolutionary and unique type of decorative moulding. It has all the properties of wood, and can be drilled, sanded, glued, painted, stained, varnished, or distressed and, additionally, can be bent as desired when heated up.
View our Videos and our Gallery to get ideas of what can be done, then go create your own artistic designs!

This video shows the simple steps for decorating a humble terracotta plant pot. The same principles apply to most other applications, including the fabulous mannequin above.